Eventful build night

Last Thursday the members had a go at buildning rockets from Klima B4-4 motors. It was a hectic night, and building rocket from cardboard, plastics and glue requires some creative thinking. Eventually we got three rockets from the members and one rocket (of disputable quality) from the board.

First up is “The five rocketeers”:

A lot of discussion for “The five rocketeers”

We had team “Apollo 313”:

Creative design requires great focus

And lastly “KNASA”:

Sometimes the board comes and disturbes the building

Of course, some handsome guys from the board were present

Someone needs to organize

After almost three hours of hard work, all the teams had a rocket ready. Even the board.

From left to right: “The five rocketeers”, “KNASA”, “Apollo 313” and the board’s… creative design

All the teams made predictions of how high their rocket will fly. How high they actually fly is still uncertain, as the launch was postponed.

As of now, team “Apollo 313” appears to reach the furthest. We will have to wait to see how high the rockets actually go

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